About Political Potatoes

Our Goal

We want to start conversations about what is happening in politics on a local and national level. We encourage spirited debate and civil discourse. Education is a key factor in voter decisions and involvement in the political process. We would like to help people learn how party politics work and shine a light on the tactics used to shape opinions.

Who We Are

Political Potatoes was founded by Gregory Graf, a digital marketing professional and political enthusiast. While Greg may be a Conservative Republican, he is open to listening and sharing ideas from all perspectives on this site.

Ground Rules

This site is owned by Gregory Graf and opinions shared by him on this site are entirely his own and not that of his employer or any affiliated groups.

Disparaging comments, dishonest statements, and profanity made towards the site owner or any authors will not be removed from the site. By posting a comment on this site you agree to these rules.

We encourage everyone to participate and enjoy lively conversations. We are not all likely to agree with each other so let’s be open and respectful of other viewpoints.

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