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Greg is a digital marketing professional who enjoys writing opinion articles about Idaho politics.
FISA Memo Fusion GPS 2012

The FISA Memo Connection to the 2012 Obama Campaign

While the left focuses on the dangerous normalization of the peeling away of our civil liberties in order to cover up their...

The Media’s War on Truth

The false Rex Tillerson story published by NBCNews was a perfect example of the liberal media’s war on the truth. Secretary Tillerson publicly shut...

Dr. Seuss Takes a Knee

On a scale of one to ferociously outraged, liberals have turned the dial all the way to eleven. The latest anti-Trump outrage...
House of Cards Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s House of Cards

Is House of Cards Based on Hillary Clinton Political Scandals? Hillary Clinton has survived the Bernie Sanders socialist uprising and has become...
Trump University Waterboarding

Trump University Waterboarding

In 2007 an American citizen was allegedly waterboarded in Provo, Utah as motivation to sell Trump University training. “Would...